Guermes Island fire engine heads to Sinaloa.

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A 1982 Ford C8000 fire engine donated by Guemes Island Fire Department was loaded onto a transport truck recently, headed for the border.

loaded760x300Chocked full of firefighting, rescue, and EMS equipment the fire engine is destined for the State of Sinaloa where it will soon go into service.

geareng760x300Fire Commissioner Jorge Chavez has worked hard the past few years developing fire departments around the state. Through the non-profit organization Bomberos Amigos, IAP he is helping communities organize, train, and equip firefighters for their jurisdictions. Firefighters Crossing Borders has been working alongside Mr. Chavez conducting an annual fire training symposium in February for the past seven years and working hard to provide vehicles and equipment.

DSCN4335 760x300Thank you Guemes Island Fire Department for the generous donation, Mt Erie Fire Department for the continuous help staging and preparing vehicles for transport, and the many fire departments in Washington State who continue to donate essential equipment to our program.
Eight instructors will be headed south in February to the State of Sinaloa to conduct the 8th annual three day Sinaloa Fire Training Symposium.

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