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Region 1 covers the Mexican States of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora. 

Tecate 2009 Mission Day 3 & 4

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Sorry fior the delay in blogging but we finally made it to Mexico which presents a few challenges for blogging and internet access.  We had to change rooms to get it right.  So Day 2 ended in Bakersfield with dinner at Rusty’s Pizza...

Tecate 2009 Mission Day 2

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We left Steve’s house this morning after a high fiber breakfast and headed for Placerville CA to pick up some donated equipment from El Dorado County Station 23.  Thank you Captain Allen Littlejohn for helping us load the truck in the snow. Yes...

Tecate 2009 Mission Day 1

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So day 1 of Baja Mexico 2009 is officially underway.  We left Gig Harbor Fire Station 51 at Midnight on Friday and drove straight through to Sacramento arriving on Saturday at about 4:00pm.  The truck and trailer are working great except...

Final Prep for Tecate 2009 Mission

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Tomorrow at 0000 midnite 4 firefighters from Washington state will be heading off with a 16′ trailer filled with donated fire and medical equipment destined for the northern Baja Mexico. Included in the donated equipment is a complete Phoenix...

Day 8 Leaving San Diego

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After a great night at the Ball Park (Padres Lost) and some new friends we headed out early to meet Marcello at Station 19 San Diego to drop off the 3 extension and two roof ladders. He will be contacting Carlo who was our primary interpreter in...

Mission Day 6

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The weather is starting off great this morning. Sun is out and we are excited to begin. After getting our Coffee and Panaderia we get to the central station to meet our friends from Bomberos of San Diego, Marcello Decasas, Arlo Nieto, Omar Saucedo...

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