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Region 1 covers the Mexican States of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora. 

Mission to Tecate Day 7

on . Posted in Baja California

Every day we are surprised and amazed at how extensive our fire and emergency services family is. We have settled in the city of San Felipe for some R and R and found an establishment that is proud to display hundreds of patches and decals from...

Mission to Tecate Days 5 & 6

on . Posted in Baja California

I am writing on computer in Ensenada, BC having left Tecate very early. Yesterday was Labor day all accross mexico and no computers were available. I wanted to quickly update everyone.

Yesterday we spent the whole day with training and extrication...

Mission to Tecate Day 4

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At 1000 monday the 30th the city officials arrived to view the equipment that we brought from our several department donors. After taking the year to sift through the donations we only bring the equipment that is safe and able to be placed into...

Mission to Tecate Day 3

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We entered Mexico at 0930 Sunday morning. Marcos, the new chief of the Tecate Bomberos met us at the border with Retired captain Franco Soliz, the Firefighters Crossing Borders.org representative in Mexico and several other officers. Inspection was...

Mission to Tecate Day 2

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Today started early for another long day on the road.  First stop, the local coffee shop.  Our next scheduled stop was Bakersfield to visit Tyson’s family.  We actually received an unexpected donation for the Cruz Roja Mexicana from...

Mission to Tecate Day 1

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Our day began at 0300 Friday morning and by 0500 we were packed and on the road. Awesome Weather and good music made the 16 hour trip safe and successful. Some small challenges awaited us and of course fuel prices that shocked us every time we...

Final Preparations for Tecate

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Our members up here in Washington are working hard to finalize plans for our mission leaving April 28. We will be blogging our way to Mexico and beyond so everyone can hear how it’s going. Our friends in Tecate are ready for us and we are excited...

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