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Region 1 covers the Mexican States of Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora. 

Training Day One Successfull

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training day one field 1

Day One training in the bag, located in Tecate, at an abandoned industrial plant , basic engine ops, hose handling and evolution based progressive hose lays. Beautiful day, everyone present learned alot and had a great day.

After the long day...

Arrived in Tecate Safely

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Day Two  ended up with us arriving at Sacramento, CA.  A friend and supporter has been sponsoring our visits since we began in 2000. Running behind we arrived, cleaned up and went to bed leaving at 0600 for Tecate.

At 1800, we entered...

Baja 2001 Day 6 Training Day 3

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Posting a day late. Training day three was phenominal. Putting everything together we utilized the acquired structure for evolutions and proceeded to run the crews through several different scenerios using the train like play philosophy. Imagining a...

Baja 2011 Day 5 Training Day Two

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Continuing the hose evolution training from yesterday, over 90 Bomberos from Tecate, Tijuana and San Louis Rey Colorado near Yuma Az participated in search and rescue evolutions. Following the format established by Bomberos De San Diego, Groups were...

Baja 2011 Day 4 Training Day One

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Marathon Day, Two Training topics at 2 locations.

Aaron Miranda  from Poway Fire, and Antonio from Cruz Roja,  Joel and Scott from Gig harbor Fire and FFCB worked with over  60 bomberos on Vehicle Extrication. We brought two Hurst...

Day Three Baja 2011

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Day three of our mission started with shift change at Station 29 San diego fire. After saying our thanks for the hospitality and a cup of firehouse coffee off we went to a relaxing breakfast and computer catch up. Scott has been loading pictures on...

Day Two Baja 2011

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We arrived in San diego around 1600 a smooth drive from Sacramento. Our brothers in the Bomberos De San Diego and the San diego fire came through and we were allowed to crash at Station 29 San Ysidro, the Jesters.......  thanks to the A Watch...

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