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ATVJalisco 100pixsFirefighters Crossing Borders began assisting firefighters in the State of Jalisco in 2008. Our first mission was a joint effort with TAPFIRE to assist in the creation of a fire department for Ayutla. TAPFIRE, our partner agency, was instrumental in the equipping and training the first-ever fire department of El Grullo in 2006.

In 2012 we took on Puerto Vallarta providing consulting and training opportunities. FFCB assisted in a review and creation of a Master Plan for the City and our regional reprsentative currently heads up the Vallarta Fire EMS Project Team of community organizations working to improve emergency services for the people of PV.

Ayutla Project Moving Forward

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Jose Lopez who’s family owns a local Restaurant called El Publito in downtown Gig Harbor, Wa is behind the group that came together some months ago to start a fire department in his childhood town of Ayutla near Guadalajara in Mexico. Some months ago He had the idea and through mutual Firefighter friends he brought the Executive Director of Firefighters crossing borders.org, Joel Schwarz and President of Tapfire.org Paul Wright together to begin the process for starting this department. Both Tapfire.org and our own organization FFCB have history and experience with departments in mexico. We were a good combination and over the next few months worked through Jose with his governmental contacts and has prepared the infrastructure needed to take the next step.

With other help from Crime Stopper of Wa, An engine, Ambulance and several staff cars were able to be purchased with money raised through Jose’s Restaurant. A second engine is in the process of being donated. Both Tapfire and FFCB will be donating most of the equipment and protective clothing needed to begin operations. What is not available will be purchased and taken down with the apparatus in September.

Thats right Jose is not wasting any time. He has assembled a group of friends, restaurant patrons and himself to drive the above apparatus from Gig Harbor to Ayutla some 3000 miles.

Training will take place in January and will be coordindated by Paul Wright from Tapfire. Paul will be putting together a group of instructors to put on a 10 day academy. If you are interested in coming to help email me and I will forward to Paul.

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