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FF1flipped 110pixsMuch of Firefighters Crossing Borders efforts have been focused in the southern area of the State of Nayarit.

The first mission was in 2010 in support of the Zachary Chambers Foundations efforts to improve emergency services in the small village of Sayulita, part of the Municipality of Bahia de Banderas.

Later that year, we established an onsite regional representative who had been working with the areas firefighters sense 2008. With support from a newly elected Municipal President and assistance from community groups the Bahia Fire EMS Project has resulted in the opening of new fire stations, improved equipment, and better firefighter training.

Fire departments from other areas in the State have also received training and equipment donations.

Sayulita Lifeguard Program

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Zack 100In 2010 a US tourist named Zack Chambers lost his life in a swimming accident on the beach of Sayulita. At that time, there were no lifeguards on the beaches of Sayulita and Protection Civil y Bombero's ambulance was one hour away. Soon after his death, his wife and good friend Jordan Pollack,FFCB Regional Representative, created the Zackary Chambers Sayulita-San Pancho Emergency Services Foundations. Dr. Moy Cuevas, a doctor in Sayulita, organized and trained volunteers interest in being part of a volunteer EMS group and Brian Johnson, a resident of San Pancho, identified and organized volunteers from the two beaches interested in being volunteer lifeguards.

Jordan coordinated the first annual lifeguard training program where instructors from Firefighters Crossing Borders and Surf Lifesaving del Sur trained 25 new lifeguards. Swim fins, lifeguard rescue tubes, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) equipment were all brought down from the US and left with key local coordinators to kick off the program.

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In December 2011 the second lifeguard training program was again sponsored by the Zackary Chambers Foundation and supported by FFCB. Some members of Bahia de Banderas Civil Protection y Bomberos were invited and attended this training.  In addition, public CPR was offered and signs were place on the beaches.

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In 2012 with support from FFCB and Grupo Pro Sayulita, Bahia de Banderas Protection Civil y Bombaros opened a fire station in Sayulita and provide firefighting, rescue, ambulance, and lifeguard services from that station. In addition, FFCB facilitated the construction of a new tower on the north beach and signs on the beach to identify a serious rip current on the north beach. All Sayulita beaches are now certified by the Mexican Government as safe and clean. To maintain certification, Bahia de Banderas must continue to provide a quick response ambulance and lifeguards services.

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The third annual lifeguard program was in December 2012 and was well attended by firefighter/lifeguards from Bahia and Puerto Vallarta and volunteers. 

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The 2013 Zachary Chambers annual lifeguard training program was held in December . Two of the Bahia de Banderas experienced lifeguards worked with the instructors in prepation to instruct the basic surf rescue training throughout the year. FFCB continues efforts with Grupo Pro Sayulita and Civil Protection to develop a formal auxiliary lifeguard program in Sayulita. Once trained, the new auxiliary lifeguards would assist Civil Protection to protect the beaches of Sayulita.



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