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FF1flipped 110pixsMuch of Firefighters Crossing Borders efforts have been focused in the southern area of the State of Nayarit.

The first mission was in 2010 in support of the Zachary Chambers Foundations efforts to improve emergency services in the small village of Sayulita, part of the Municipality of Bahia de Banderas.

Later that year, we established an onsite regional representative who had been working with the areas firefighters sense 2008. With support from a newly elected Municipal President and assistance from community groups the Bahia Fire EMS Project has resulted in the opening of new fire stations, improved equipment, and better firefighter training.

Fire departments from other areas in the State have also received training and equipment donations.

Zachary Chambers foundation passes the torch to FFCB.

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ZackThe Zackary Chambers Foundation was established after a May 18, 2010 swimming accident in Sayulita, Mexico, where Zack Chambers, Port Townsend businessperson and father of two, lost his life. He was 40.

As a way to honor him, a plan was developed to improve emergency services in the Sayulita/San Pancho areas of Mexico's west coast, and it rapidly gathered momentum with lifeguard training, community CPR education and more. Within a year, FFCB took notice of the work being done by the foundation, and a partnership developed.

Over the past couple of years a unified community development partnership between Bahia de Banderas Civil Protection, Pro Sayulita, and FFCB has resulted in the opening of a Sayulita fire station which provides fire, medical and lifeguard services to the area.
grouppuntamita940x300As the larger program continues to pick up momentum, the Zachary Chambers foundation, which has continued to focus on sponsoring an annual lifeguard training, has opted to turn over the reins to FFCB.

The Zackary Chambers Foundation board of directors, consisting of Nya Chambers, Jordan Pollack and Carrie Andrews, extends its gratitude to the many who have been so supportive for these past four years.

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