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FF1flipped 110pixsMuch of Firefighters Crossing Borders efforts have been focused in the southern area of the State of Nayarit.

The first mission was in 2010 in support of the Zachary Chambers Foundations efforts to improve emergency services in the small village of Sayulita, part of the Municipality of Bahia de Banderas.

Later that year, we established an onsite regional representative who had been working with the areas firefighters sense 2008. With support from a newly elected Municipal President and assistance from community groups the Bahia Fire EMS Project has resulted in the opening of new fire stations, improved equipment, and better firefighter training.

Fire departments from other areas in the State have also received training and equipment donations.

2015 Bahia de Banaras Training

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instructorsBahia de Banderas Civil Protection and Firefighters hosted the 2015 Firefighter Training Symposium on first week of December. Thirteen FFCB instructors, from the US and Canada, provided expert training to the areas firefighters and community volunteers.

Courses included fire search and rescue and rope rescue which were delivered at the Bahia de Banderas University in Nuevo Vallarta.

Untitled-109A Lifeguard class was also held on the north beach of Sayulita. FFCB works with Pro-Sayulita on the development of beach safety in Sayulita.

Thanks to all who made this event successful!
Enjoy the slide show.

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