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OneSinaloaFirefighters Crossing Borders initiated it's relationship with the State of Sinaloa in 2006 with the delivery of a 100 foot ladder truck to Bomberos Culiacan. A second training session brought in firefighters from Mazatlan and other neighboring departments leading to the development of the Sinaloa Fire Training Symposium.

Today 80-100 firefighters and officers from every department in the state come to Culiacan each year to attend this annual 3 day symposium. Topics over the years have included fire officer skills development, engine and truck operations, vehicle, water and rope rescue, and more.

Beyond the annual symposium FFCB regional representatives work closely all year with department heads ushering in equipment and vehicles. In 2013 Bomberos Culiacan developed the first warehouse for equipment coming into Mexico from the US and Canada. Equipment is then distributed to departments in need throughout the State of Sinaloa through the non-profit association Bomberos Amigos.

Instructor Paul Spencer Awarded

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Paul-Spencer-760Paul Spencer has been working with Firefighters Crossing Borders since 2011 as an instructor, his specialty - fire apparatus driving and pump operations. Paul also teaches nozzle theory and fire hose handling along with live fire operations. 

This past trip to Culiacan, Paul received the 'Golden Wrench Award' for his distinguished service to the State of Sinaloa. Paul's work in Sinaloa goes far beyond instructing firefighters from across the state, he also brings with him a wealth of knowledge (and tools) about the mechanical side of fire apparatus. A master mergency Vehicle Technician (EVT), Paul operates a mobile repair business in the Pacific Northwest working on fire engines, ambulances, and more. In the past two years he has branched into working on fire apparatus for the US Forest Service as well. Paul brings these skills with him each trip to Mexico and spends countless hours wrenching on fire engines and other  mergency apparatus for Bomberos Culiacan, a department of 150 firefighters, covering a city of just under 1,000,000 citizens. Over the past 5 years he has fixed pumps, transmissions, air systems, nozzles, breathing apparatus, and provided parts and advisement along the way. For this Paul received a plaque adorned with a fire engine and wrench, the 'Golden Wrench Award', we salute you Paul Spencer for your dedication and hard work, thank you!

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