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OneSinaloaFirefighters Crossing Borders initiated it's relationship with the State of Sinaloa in 2006 with the delivery of a 100 foot ladder truck to Bomberos Culiacan. A second training session brought in firefighters from Mazatlan and other neighboring departments leading to the development of the Sinaloa Fire Training Symposium.

Today 80-100 firefighters and officers from every department in the state come to Culiacan each year to attend this annual 3 day symposium. Topics over the years have included fire officer skills development, engine and truck operations, vehicle, water and rope rescue, and more.

Beyond the annual symposium FFCB regional representatives work closely all year with department heads ushering in equipment and vehicles. In 2013 Bomberos Culiacan developed the first warehouse for equipment coming into Mexico from the US and Canada. Equipment is then distributed to departments in need throughout the State of Sinaloa through the non-profit association Bomberos Amigos.

Ladder Truck for Los Mochis

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logoTwo Firefighters Crossing Borders instructors arrived home safely from their recent mission to the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa to conduct training for a newly ladder truck, the first for that department.

In 2015 the 1986 Sutphen aerial was purchased from Graham Fire and Rescue outside of Tacoma, WA. With the assistance of Firefighters Crossing Borders the vehicle was purchased and transported to the border where it underwent extensive repairs. The work was carried out by members of the Phoenix Fire Department repair facility and a local hydraulic repair shop, with the majority of the labor and materials being donated, almost 100%.

Ladder38In October of 2015 FFCB instructor Ray Garcia of Phoenix FD brought the initial request to fellow firefighters and mechanics who then ran with the project. For months, two of the key members of the project Tim Cordon and Tony Zuccarilo along with other mechanics worked tirelessly on needed repairs to bring the aerial to full functionality.

watertowerBy July of this year, the team had completed 32 different repairs, including rebuilding of the massive hydraulic struts which raise and lower the aerial platform, a process that began in October 2015 had now come to completion.

Regional Representative Jordan Pollack invited the two who were so instrumental in bringing the truck to full functionality to fly south and conduct initial training. Having extensive knowledge of each and every part of the vehicle and it's operations coupled with their respective background in aerial operations and training of such, it was the perfect union.

workingIn September Tim and Tony flew to Los Mochis and conducted training for members of that fire department on the truck. The training included mechanical orientation and vehicle checks, aerial operations, driving, and more. Over three days the two had an opportunity to not only conduct training but develop a trust and bond between firefighters from two countries.

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