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OneSinaloaFirefighters Crossing Borders initiated it's relationship with the State of Sinaloa in 2006 with the delivery of a 100 foot ladder truck to Bomberos Culiacan. A second training session brought in firefighters from Mazatlan and other neighboring departments leading to the development of the Sinaloa Fire Training Symposium.

Today 80-100 firefighters and officers from every department in the state come to Culiacan each year to attend this annual 3 day symposium. Topics over the years have included fire officer skills development, engine and truck operations, vehicle, water and rope rescue, and more.

Beyond the annual symposium FFCB regional representatives work closely all year with department heads ushering in equipment and vehicles. In 2013 Bomberos Culiacan developed the first warehouse for equipment coming into Mexico from the US and Canada. Equipment is then distributed to departments in need throughout the State of Sinaloa through the non-profit association Bomberos Amigos.

2013 Sinaloa Fire Training Symposium A Success

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In a combined effort between Firefighters Crossing Borders, Bomberos Culiacan, and Bomberos Amigos the 2012 Sinaloa Fire Training Symposium was conducted this year.

80-100 firefighters and officers from 6-10 departments throughout the state attended the three day program. Two topics were covered this year – Vehicle Extrication and Live Fire Attack. Five instructors from the Pacific Northwest conducted the trainings, coordinated by FFCB Regional Representative Jordan Pollack.

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Instructors for vehicle extrication included Dave ‘Bronco’ Erickson, Moises Castellon, and Dave Stevens, all from Snohomish County Fire District 1. Paul Spencer and Joaquin Hubbard ran the live fire training, Paul is a long time firefighter and works as a fire mechanic, Joaquin a firefighter with City of Seattle. This is Pauls third trip down, he is the primary mechanic and SCBA technician for the program.

For three days half the students worked in the hot sun tearing into numerous vehicles with extrication tools and packaging patients while others crawled into smoke and fire filled rooms.

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Culiacan fire department hosts this three day symposium annually which draws personnel from every fire department in the state. Lunches are catered and fit for kings, a spread of local food that leaves no one hungry. Firefighters from Culiacan supported the program before, during, and after the training preparing the sites, setting up classrooms, and interpreting.

At the end of day three a graduation ceremony was held where students received a certificate of completion.

2013Culiacan 1 edited-1Throughout the three day period local news crews would appear, interviewing instructors and administration. One day the entire cadre of instructors was whisked away to a major press conference with the cities mayor. No less than three major newspapers carried a page long story and photos of both the conference and symposium training activities.

Overall a very successful few days of training and more…

Thank you to all who made this years symposium possible – FFCB instructors; Culiacan administrative staff and firefighters, especially Fire Commissioner Jorge Chavez and Fire Chief Adan Shinagawa Araujo; and many others…..

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