About Region 2

Region 2 includes the States of Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco and Colima.
This section includes news from all four States. Use the News Menu below the map, click on Region 2 and the State if you only want information from one of these States.

2011 Bahia Symposium

on . Posted in Nayarit

In December of 2011 113 firefighters took part in a two part Fire-Rescue Training Symposium that was sponsored by Firefighters Crossing Borders and Zachary Chambers Foundation. Eleven instructors from points in Mexico and the US spent the better...

Sayulita-San Pancho Help

on . Posted in Region 2

We have been doing some great things in those areas. Several of the original instructors fielded from around the country in 2008 have stayed with the project in Culiacan and have now established a coordinated effort to bring the departments in the...

Culiacan 2010 Training Postponed

on . Posted in Sinaloa

Our Mission slated for the first week in February 2010 for which we had coordinated 12 instructors and interpreters from around the country was postponed. The first time we have ever had to make such a hard decision. But keeping the safety of all...

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